Koru Mindfulness

It is so peaceful and relaxing to learn how to quiet your thoughts using Koru Mindfulness. I always looked forward to each session.
Linda F.
Taking the Koru Mindfulness class with Farrah brought me to an inner peace that I never knew I had. It has helped me to ground myself through my daily life since then.
Matt S.
Koru with Farrah has been a wonderful experience.  I have now taken both Koru Basic and 2.0 (both remote over Zoom), and throughout the courses I've felt a noticeable shift in my ability to reduce stress in my day-to-day life.  I more quickly notice when I'm worrying or dwelling and I'm able to truly let things go.
The classes and associated practices have also helped me to feel a deeper appreciation for my surroundings - people, fresh air, and even challenges.  I look forward to continuing to build on what I've learned and to keep improving quality of life.  And hopefully experience the Koru Retreat with Farrah as well!
Julie K.

I was honestly not sure what to expect when I attended her sessions. Ended up really feeling aware of the tense muscles in my body. Like I did not know how to relax. Now I can take inventory of all my bodily functions and realize when I am hurting myself. I can even stop a headache from forming!

I am so grateful my daughter took me along to classes. My body still benefits. I am less stressed now. I first take a deep breath, cleansing breath. After that the self-check begins and I can do this anywhere!

Farrah has the perfect voice and calm attitude to teach self-awareness. I use the technique she taught me every day.

Patti F.
Farrah's class is very useful for people of all ages. I saw a newfound peace within my pre-teen that suffers deeply from anxiety, as well as learning that I actually am capable of meditation - I just had to learn the one that worked for me!
Jordan S.


Farrah’s music is a gift for all. Her music is gentle and strong, just as she is.
Ginny O.
Farrah is a marvelous pianist who brings the gift of music to our residents. Professional and courteous, she performs a wonderful variety of music from across the generations.
Krista W.

Farrah plays very soft and subtle music for the residents. It is very relaxing music. She plays a variety of music which they all enjoy. We are always happy to have her when we can.

Janice L.
Farrah plays piano music for our residents at Grandview Health Care Center in Oelwein, Iowa and they really enjoy listening to her play. They cannot wait until she is able to come back and play for them again.
Dawn D.

Farrah has played for us on many occasions. She is easy to work with and always comes prepared. Our members appreciate her contributions to our worship service, and look forward to her playing for us.

Don B.

In Our Own Voice

At the time I heard Farrah’s In Our Own Voice presentation, I had known her through NAMI for over two years. I had not known her story and I was unaware of all that life had brought her way. As I heard her speak, I remember thinking how unfair life had been to her. Yet, as she continued, I changed my mind. Life had afforded her the opportunity to persevere and conquer. Here she was sharing her story with law enforcement agents in her hometown to make a difference in the lives of fellow citizens by educating them to understand. Farrah's story is nowhere complete. Her talents and determination are exemplary of the ways in which one person can make a difference for the better good of society. I applaud her in her energy and desire to make the world a better place. She is changing the world one presentation at a time.

Gary V.

For many reasons, people can have difficulty speaking about their experience with mental illness. That is why the voices of those who do speak up are so important. Farrah shares her story with honesty and perception. She has put in the hard work of self-reflection and is courageously willing to share her insights with others. She will challenge your assumptions about the limitations of mental illness. Farrah is a gifted, conscientious, and caring person who has so much to offer. I am grateful for her contributions.

Susan F.