Open your mind. Manage your stress. Learn mindfulness and meditation.

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about paying attention, with an attitude of curiosity and acceptance to whatever it is that you are doing. You can bring mindfulness to anything you do: walking, doing your work, talking to a friend, brushing your teeth. And the more time you spend being mindful, the less stressed you will feel. So mindfulness is something you can experience anytime you go about your day.

What is meditation?

Meditation is one of the ways we learn to be mindful, and formal meditation time is one of the best ways to build your “mindfulness muscle” so that you can be more present as you go about your day. So, when we talk about meditation, we’re talking about the times when you set the intention to spend a period of time bringing your attention back, over and over again, to your present-moment experience. In this way, the skills that you learn in this class and the guided meditations we do are all “meditations” that will improve your ability to stay mindful at other times.

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Searching for a new way to deal with challenges? Looking to improve your focus? Seeking calm in the midst of a busy life?

Koru Mindfulness was originally designed for college students and young adults, but it is now being taught to people of all ages.

“Koru” is the New Zealand Māori word for the spiral shape of the unfurling fern frond. The word literally means “looped” or “spiraled,” but the shape symbolizes harmony or balanced growth, representing layered growth around a stable center. That represents the process of learning mindfulness and meditation.

A randomized controlled trial at Duke University demonstrated that after completing a Koru Basic course, students were less stressed, slept better, and lived with greater mindfulness and self-compassion.


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